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We have over 20 years of experience in building and deploying top class software.

My Background


Before the web, before mobile, I cut my teeth building contact-centre systems for an ambitious startup, which went onto grow into a multi-million pound business.  I grew with the business & went from being a developer to leading a team of 50.  I've seen it all from integrating with huge mainframes, to having to automate the reading of an Excel file which had been thrown together by a junior.  During these years, I saw first-hand the challenges and opportunities that large and small companies face when building systems.

Getting software right is difficult

I could tell you that it's easy, but it's not.  Getting the right people in the room will make it far less difficult.  When we engage with a client, we take time to understand the structure of the client organisation so we can ensure that the right people are involved.  This way we get it right first time.

Software will change

Often developers will build software with a mindset of "this is how it will stay".  This is not right.  Build software that is designed to be modified, designed to be improved and re-shaped.  Build, try, re-shape.  Most people don't really know which bits of a piece of software will be the most important until it's deployed and in the hands of users.

End users matter

Software will be used.  By people.  How it looks & feels will impact their level of usage.  If software is not easy to use,  people will be more likely to revert back to their old way of operating, causing everyone involved pain & costing money.  Taking time to make usable tools is well worth the investment.

These lessons are why I decided to set up Accelerata; too many businesses were getting it wrong & I wanted to help them get it right.  I've worked with some fantastic people and hope that this can continue long into the future.  Of course, if you think we can help you, drop us a line.

Graham Laidler


Our background

Accelerata started as a single person freelancing.  In 4 years we  have grown to a "virtual team" of experts, ready to be deployed to solve complex problems.


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