A bespoke dealership extranet for Miele



Project Delivery

Miele Professional have a large network of dealers. Tracking and measuring accountability of Leads in such a distributed partner-based ecosystem presents a unique set of challenges.

On behalf of Miele's Marketing partner, Market Makers, we developed and implemented Miele's Dealer extranet, which provides a one-stop-shop for Miele's interaction with their Dealers and gives the Dealers the tools they need to maximise Lead conversion.

  • End-to-End accountability of Lead ownership and history.
  • Electronic brochure dispatch automation and email click tracking and notifications.
  • Event calendar and appointment booking engine, fully integrated with Outlook.
  • Robust hierachical permissions and Lead visibility control.
  • Download-Centre for electronic branding and other assets.
  • Management KPI reporting engine with drill-down into individual regions.

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