Getting society's most vulnerable people back to work.


"I had a very clear concept in my mind of the system I wanted to build, Accelerata were able to remove the technical side of this concept and make my vision become a reality."

Jen Garfield

Project Delivery

Prospects needed to monitor and motivate thousands of long-term-unemployed for the Department of Work and Pensions as part of the Welfare to Work programme. In order to achieve this, they needed a portal that would act as a central repository of members, track their progress in getting back to work, and to present this information to the long-term-unemployed in a way that was meaningful and motivational.

Accelerata worked with the Team @ Prospects to understand their vision. We then provided wireframes and technical design of the portal. We also managed the build and kept stakeholders involved throughout.

Built to DWP's military-grade security requirements, the entire development process and portal were security tested throughout and passed with flying colours.  It is now used by over 200 concurrent users to help 30,000 long-term-unemployed back into work.

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