Our Process

Whether providing a team of developers to help you deliver to a tight deadline, or delivering an end-to-end solution, our process allows you to be confident of delivery throughout.

The days of building software behind closed doors are over.

For 2 decades, the traditional mechanism of getting software built was to throw it over the fence to a third party, leave them alone for a few months, then hope what was going to come back would be what you described. This doesn't work. Accelerata are leading the charge in moving the control of software development back to the customer. It's your software and your business, be involved in every step. By promoting feedback throughout each project we can be certain of success.

We involve you in the whole process.

We are open, transparent and encourage dialogue.

Our simple process allows us to get it right. First time.

1) Understand the business operation in detail.

We want to know your business in detail; what are the strong points, what are the weak points that you want our help with. By deep diving we can build software to make your business flourish.

We take the time to talk to you and understand every every detail of operational process that take place. Often our "fresh eyes" can find different takes on problems.

2) See what the software will look like before it's built.

We use cutting-edge "wireframing" tools to allow you to see a mock-up of the software before it's even built.

This allows you to look at dummy screens, interact with it as an end-user and get a grasp on usability and how the navigation is going to work. We encourage feedback at this stage as it is simple to tweak until we can all be sure that we have a common understanding.

3) See us at work.

When it comes time to start coding, we use tried-and-tested methods that allow you to see our work as it's built. We automate building and deploying new versions, so as soon as we're done coding a feature, you can see it in action.

We encourage feedback throughout the build to ensure that we are constantly on-track.

"Unlike many technical people he can deal with any level of a company and never "hides" behind technology or e-mail but gets out with the clients and users at every level"

Will Lewis, Head of Business Systems

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