CRM Integration

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CRM, integrated to the rest of your backoffice systems can revolutionise business.

CRM is often the "annoying kid on the block"; shunted into an Organisation, with no integration to any of the other data stored about your customers.

The ironic side-effect of this is that it often leads to CRM implementations making the situation they are supposed to fix even worse, namely:

  • Data duplication
  • Endless Excel files that 'extend' CRM to include information that CRM doesn't know about
  • Power users creating Access Databases to build their own castle of information.

It doesn't have to be this way.

By integrating your Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce environment with your back office systems (e.g. order processing), you can be sure that there is only one version of the truth, and when you converse with your customers, they are treated professionally and are given information that is accurate and trustworthy.

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