Accelerata FlexTeam Service

“ "Able to help detail and discuss complex plans as well as deliver fit-for-purpose solutions, quickly, on budget and on time”


Scale up your development team instantly, to hit tight deadlines or increase velocity.

Scale up or down as you need

Traditionally there have been 2 options when you need more horsepower in a development team.

  • Hire someone. Cost effective on a pro-rata basis, but is addtional headcount.
  • Get a Contractor. This is great, but contractors usually want 3 months minimum contract, and want a desk in your office.

FlexTeam is the perfect middle ground. We'll provide additional resource for which you pay only for the time you use, our people run remote offices and don't require a desk, a PC, a phoneline or a chair, so we can be up and running in hours.

We integrate with your internal team and follow the development processes in the same way your team do. We have provided this model successfully for clients such as Serco, Hometrack and Miele.

Hand picked to join your team

We're not a recruitment consultancy; We have a team of hand-picked people who we have worked with on countless projects for several years.

Get in touch

We are always willing to have a no-obligation talk through your challenges and ideas. The solutions are often simpler than you think.